What makes GRIPBELL different?

GRIPBELL is revolutionary weight equipment that boosts your workout! Supporting every move you need to challenge your body effectively.

With its unique transportable simple design, its various weights and the potential to be incorporated into multiple exercise movements, there is unlimited potential with GRIPBELL to safely increase one's fitness program, while consolidating the equipment and storage space needed.


When will Kickstarter backers' orders be ready for delivery?

GRIPBELL has completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and to date is recognized as part of the top one percent of Kickstarter campaigns. The campaign exceeded the initial funding goal by 1,704% within four weeks. The delivery to those initial public backers will be by April 30th.


I ordered GRIPBELL set online, When will my order be ready for delivery?

Thank you for ordering the GRIPBELL set! Right now, GRIPBELL is offering a special promotion for a limited time with GRIPBELL products on-line and it will be delivered by April 30th.


I ordered cap or water bottle, When will I receive my order?

All standard orders will be processed and dispatched from our warehouse within 5 business days.