About us

While working out in 2014, Mark Wood nearly smashed his knee when it was hit with a kettlebell. It was then that the idea was conceived of a new type of weighted equipment that would change how you grip when working out, making it safe and versatile.

Photos of Gripbell prototypes over years

Mark recruited a team to work with him over the past year and half designing and developing prototypes to transform the way you exercise utilizing an equipment that simple and practical. Getting to Kickstarter is one of their milestone and the time has arrived now to introduce Gripbell to you!

Photo of Mark before and after

Gripbell has transformed Mark's life. It can change yours too.

See how Gripbell has transformed Mark completely. He began this journey as a frustrated and overweight individual. He is now a healthy, fit, spiritually happy person. Mark believes that Gripbell has changed his life.

Photo of Gripbell full set


GRIPBELL is a patent pending, truly revolutionary workout tool that can be incorporated in anyone's daily workout regimen!